It's a benefit for the world to find a creative way to communicate, sale, advertise and create a reputation.
The internet has become a primary source for finding appropriate resources for my teaching, coaching, and knowledge on certain subjects. The web is quick, easy and consistent with its findings of information. It has shown and proven that we the people, can find a trust value for the internet. The trust value can come from special screening of material to prevent false information, the ability to screen resources themselves,  and to assure correct information is being passed by the correct people.
I regularly visit google sites. Google because of its privacy, its proven consistency of passing information and my ability to easily understand its function. I don't have a particular site or author that I follow because it's tough to trust something for so long because the web is being updated often. These updates allow for better speeds, capabilities and sharing with your current web browser configurations. I have been visiting www.pecentral.org for about 6 years now. The site gives awesome insight on appropriate physical education lessons, plans, activities, and creative ideas on learning and playing.
The internet helps me learn when I browse through search engines, and when it acts as a classroom for me. The internet can be distracting when public stories are inflated through social media companies.
I think the internet can/should be allowed to give a professional degree. Maybe it does already!
 This is a little skeptical, but I really think that someone can gain good knowledge on the web. Technology is definitely a tool for learning. This tool has no boundaries, the participation is always high, and the information is fairly consistent. I would recommend the web for many different features to students and professionals.

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