Productivity tools


I think that all of these tools are great, but they are so tough to have immediately. I mean, I would rather have it to where i can open my phone and all these productivity tools read my mind. ;) I'm still a little old school. I like to be organized in a way to where i can find something fairly easily. As long as i take the time to stay consistent with my organization, I will be ok with remembering, and being productive with my time. My phone or the internet is a bit different because i have to turn my technology "On" , then log-in, and then find what i needed or what was due. But, for the most part, i have concluded that i must get a little more savy with technology. I am learning that their is a lot to assist in learning, teaching, and research. These tools can improve  
Josh Johnson
1/23/2013 06:46:15

These tools are also tough for me and I am a bit old school myself. This course will hopefully help the both of us become a little more tech Savy.

Robert Blanken
1/25/2013 07:30:47

The immediacy of all of the tools we are using are a bit overwhelming. I've had to add twitter, scoop it, a website, among other things. This can make staying organized pretty tough. While these things are new I'm finding that they are useful. I'm hoping to figure out soon how to juggle all of it. Good luck!

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