What do people say when they don't understand if something is working or not? They say "Prove it". Well, my initial thought of podcasting, and using your iphone to help you learn was a little blurr. But, now i see how effective they can be to learning because of the "Proof". Universities and colleges have conducted proper research to prove that by using technology, such as podcasting, youtube, and the web will result in a benefit to learning material, and being able to make it lifelong learning. The key note is that students are communicating in a form that makes it easier, safer, and consistent. When students gain self-confidence in their form of communication; this allows for the teacher- student interaction to be present, which is one of the ways that students are shown to learn material. Teacher to student interaction will allow the student to feel comfortable to ask a question and it will also allow the teacher to assess the progress of learning for the students.

1/26/2013 03:40:11 am

I find podcasting to be a useful tool once I was able to overcome the obstacles of never having podcasted. I see how it can be incorporated into various forms of use such as: education, sports training, and politics. It is my belief that podcasting will be the tool for all educators in the very near future with the youth of today having access to the various forms media that is now available to all.

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