I attached a link to my PLN if interested.

I  chose to begin a pearltree account. This PLN seemed a little less open and cared a little more about my interests and needs with still making it simple and private. I chose to follow these certain accounts because they are actively involved in my search engines as of today. I have sites that will be useful for immediate findings of information that I can immediately put to use in my everyday life.
Josh Johnson

Mando I like the way your site is set up. Good luck with the program. It is exciting to see people who share similar goals and passions to my own.

Dexter Young


I decided to go with Pearltrees also because of the flexibility to personalize and follow my interests. I only have basketball right now because those are the sites I follow the most outside of school and research related topics. On another note, I like your Authur Ashe quote...I'm a big believer in preparation!

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