" Tell them what you want them to do, not what you don't." - Mando Contreras
I was really intrigued with the video. I am a believer of positive, I believe in strength playing, I believe in playing with your strengths because they will eventually condense the weakness. I know that we have to manage our weakness through approval and recognition of our weakness, but how fun would it be if a person can only focus on what makes them successful and productive.
I can say that "work" is a sweet spot right now. I walk into the workplace feeling as if I am stepping into a family home. It has become natural to me to conduct effect work at my workplace. It's a benefit to feel proud when I finish deadlines without any problems or head pounding procedures, or when I motivate a student by just carrying a conversation with them, and to assist colleagues in working towards a College Mission Statement to the people.

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