Online Survey


I was able to find a couple of sites that assist with creating surveys, such as and
I found that was really easy to use because of the small steps that it took to create my own questions or to use a survey that was previously created by a professional organization. As soon as i completed my questions and organized the template then it was even easier to embed onto my PWP because of the options that they site gave me. It created its own HTML, and this made it easy to present to my audience through my site. I also created a small survey for my teaching as soon as i was done playing with the questions. also made sure that the questions were not biased and created suggesstions as i was writing out my own questions. It was great and easy. The site will also help me gather data and stats to see what people are answering. It is a site that i would recommend to coaches and administrators because of the easy access and the overall style.

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