What i am learning about technology is that it can be a positive use of a learning tool to assist in learning. Also, I am learning how to trust the web. I think the web has a lot to offer and I think its a great tool to assist in learning,  BUT, I do always proceed with caution because as the information grows so does the vulnerability to people who are not as credible as we would like them to be. I care most of how my information is going to affect someone, so I care much on credibility of who is passing out information. 
I look at the list of learning tools and I see competitors to the same "wants". They all want information that you are posting, blogging, or consistently visiting. Its great that a web tool can assist in thinking for you. But, I am not always a big fan of receiving assistance that you are not asking for. I would say that  a person would benefit most from  learning in a challenging yet realistic way, I would recommend students to find their own sources that they can trust. This will provide more knowledge to whom is passing over information. Finding your own info instead of the information being passed over by Web.2.0, should definitely  be much more trustworthiness.

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