I reward the inventors of this program. They have included their efforts to effect the reputation of professional businesses, high-end universities, and people. I believe that technology and microblogging has mostly effected schools; its now a tool to assist with recruiting people to come to your school, marketing programs or sponsors, and communicating in a modern form.
I believe that microblogging is a positive attribute to have and should be  adopted by many professional people. The ability to communicate in such a manner permits people to attain technological benefits, allows people to understand situations better by communicating effectively, and allows understanding of new ways to communication.
 I do think that it has much more of an impact to Athletics because of its recreational feel and openness.

1/15/2013 12:34:41 pm

I too have found microblogging to be an effective tool in educating the general masses. The internet has opened the learning experiance for all to enjoy by microblogging and tweeting where everyone can speak their mind for the world to see.

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