I have found twitter and facebook to be the most beneficial for my field of work right now. When we develop new programs for community members or students, or when we have immediate news on a championship game that our baseball team just won, Twitter and Facebook allows our audience to get that information right away. It was like if they are at the game. Our feedback has been great for this transition of using new technology to get involvement. I will keep incorporating these new waves of technology for updated news, advertising of new events or fundraisers, and for maintaining the awesome reputation of the college.
In the future, i will incorporate podcast into my work field by creating work manuals. I will like for employees to work on a task while hearing directions. This will allow our strongest coordination to follow, which is the hand-an-eye coordination. It has been proven that people have a better intellegience level when they can use their eyes and hands to work, rather than using their eyes first and then their hand.

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