I have owned a smartphone for about 2 years, a computer for about 20 years and i can't remember the last time that i was truly impressed with the way i can excell with the new technology. I am really impressed with the new wave of getting information in the palm of your hand. A app that i am using now is the iTranslate, and the Speak It! Text to Speech App. These have been the most helpful because i get to have a translator in my pocket, and i get to now speak to my phone to provide reminders for me. The Speak to text app is awesome. I use it on the baseball field, i use it when I'm giving a sports lesson, and when i am supervising an activity. Its my pen and paper when notes need to be taken down. Its great because when i use the Speak to text app it will automatically be able to be exported as a text file, which i can then use on my computer. I recommend this app to anyone. It is truly handy and doesn't take much time at all.

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